Monday, April 22, 2019

Two sad Sedarim :(

We've been attending both Sedarim at a local Orthodox synagogue for a few years now.  The rabbi leads a nice Seder.

Or, at least, he did, until this year.

Unfortunately, he recently underwent major surgery that left him at least temporarily partially disabled.  My husband and I are concerned that some of the damage may be more permanent.

Various doctors have made it clear to us that general anesthesia, while sometimes necessary, can have deleterious effects on older people.  We're pretty sure that this is what happened to my late father.   His cognitive function was never the same after his last major surgery--he slipped further and further into dementia as the years passed, until he couldn't even recognize his own children's faces or voices.

The rabbi seems to have suffered similar damage.  He was constantly losing his place in the Haggadah, and recited several parts of the Haggadah more than once.

Honestly, we'd rather go elsewhere next year, but we don't think that we should--we've become a known presence at these Sedarim, and have a feeling that our continued attendance, while no longer enjoyable for us, would be a maaseh tov (good deed).


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